How To Find Your Life’s Purpose & Passion

In 2016 I held the first ever, invite-only Conscious Hustler workshop.  

A small group of badasses came together to dive deep into creating what they wanted their life to look like in 2017 and the road map on how they were going to get there.

A common underlying theme that came up was, “I want to find my purpose/passion this year.  How do I do this?”

In 2015 when this question came up in a webinar I was hosting I said,

“Oh simple.  You just do the following…

  1. Find what you’re really good at.
  2. Find what brings you a lot of joy.
  3. Find a mission that you’re really connected to.
  4. Find something that people need help with.

And Boom! You got your purpose.”

Reflecting back on that I realize how ignorant I was.

Now, there’s definitely some truth to doing some digging in those four areas, but if finding your purpose was that simple, then there literally would be no purpose to life.

So full disclaimer… I don’t feel like I have the answer to this… but I believe I’m a little closer than I was last year.

A few things that I learned based on my own experience.

1.Our purpose needs to start with US.

I believe one of our missions is to show up as our best, highest, and most authentic self.

It means getting clear of our values and living in alignment with those.

Example… say one of your values is honesty. But you lie all the time about why you are late (“The traffic was horrible” rather than… “I really just didn’t want to come”) or another one of your values is transparency, but you catch yourself talking shit behind other people’s backs.

That’s not showing up. That’s not living your mission.

It means doing the right thing… even when it’s scary as f*ck and feels super vulnerable.

It means being you… taking the armor off and being authentically you.

…This can be scary shit, but it’s so worth it.

It’s making sure that we are filling our bucket up so we can show up for others.

2. Our purpose serves us just as much as it serves others.

My friend Sean Stephenson is a therapist, self-help author, and motivational speaker.  In one of his talks, he shares that our purpose usually stems from what we need the most help with.

For example… he grew up with osteogenesis imperfecta, stands three feet tall, has fragile bones, and has been in a wheelchair his whole life… and by far one of the happiest, coolest, most authentic, funny people I know.

A lot of what he helps people with is their insecurities… which is something he’s had to overcome and continues to focus on.

Our purpose comes from our valleys… not our peaks.

3. Our purpose is more about a theme then an end result.

I think we get caught up in believing that our purpose is something super specific like….

“A Doctor”

“An Actor”

“A Tap Dancer Dressed Up As A Sloth”

“The Person That Cleans Poop Out of Airplanes”


When in reality those are ways that we express our purpose… not the purpose itself.

From all that I’ve experienced so far, I believe that my purpose is to help people improve the quality of their lives by realizing that everything they need to succeed is inside of them… because that’s been the case for me…

I could express this in so many different ways.

But I choose to focus on helping coaches, experts, and thought leaders get clear of their message that’s inside them and express it in a way that helps the people that they know they can serve.

I also express this by being present and intentional with my friends, reflecting back to them what I see to be their gifts and talents, and encouraging them to show up because they are badasses.

I express it by showing my team that I’m committed to their growth and building their capabilities.

…And by facilitating group workshops for other entrepreneurs like myself to tap into their potential.

I’m even the girl who has super deep conversations with the store clerk in Whole Foods asking the deep questions… I get right to it haha.

So if you’ve been out there searching for your purpose like a good deal on a new handbag… I got news for you… you probably won’t find it.  That’s because it’s already inside of you.  You’ve probably been subconsciously doing it this entire time.  

Comment below with your BIGGEST question when it comes to finding your passion or purpose in life!

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  • Lawrence He

    Hey Jennifer,

    I was listening to the Access to Anyone podcast episode that you were featured in. Super inspiring to hear how you went from Fitness to Copywriting!

    -Lawrence He

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