031: Achieve Balance Without The Crazy Juggling Act

When I was in college, I started competing in bodybuilding competitions. This inspired me to create my online fitness business, Life Balance Coach, Inc.

Over the course of 5+ years, I helped thousands of women through my online programs, coaching, and fitness classes. It was a fun and super rewarding experience.

But my life was definitely out of balance.

I was putting ALL of my time and energy into my business and training for bodybuilding competitions…

My friendships and family relationships were going to shit.

I felt like I was go-go-go all the time, never having a moment to unwind.

Eventually, I realized what was going on and started making some changes.

Most people think that “balance” is achieved when we are juggling all areas of our life at the same time and they’re all at a perfect 10…

That just isn’t possible.

I define balance as focusing on 1-3 areas in your life in a specific season.

You work on those 1-3 areas for a while, get them all up to a 9 or above, and then you pick new areas to focus on, get those up to a 9 or above… and so on.

It’s a work in progress that requires constant attention. If you aren’t intentional with this, you simply can’t achieve balance.

At the end of this episode, there are 4 specific questions that will make all the difference in your conscious balance-seeking journey. Pull out a pen & paper and give it a quick listen!


Click PLAY below to listen now! OR, if you prefer watching over listening, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWYhR0qiUUI

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